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Go Holdings Pte Ltd embarked on a journey fulfilling the needs of discerning clientele in 2010. Our hard work and perseverance paid off in just a few years of operation. As a result, with our rapidly rising business operations, we are recognized as one of the leading cullet suppliers in South East Asia.

We have since expanded the product line-up to include Soda Ash, Selenium, Nickel Oxides, Kaolin, Clay, Frit products and used refactory material.

By focusing on our niche and unique products and services, we have formed a vast business network and strategic partnerships with our corporate partners. Our aim is to deliver high quality contamination-free cullet glass, raw material and by-products at competitive prices to our customers.

Over the years, our business has expanded across Asia, our reach includes Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, India, Myanmar, Taiwan, China, Japan, Korea, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and parts of Europe.

To facilitate the growth and reinforce our services across Asia, Go Holdings established footholds in both China (Foshan) and Indonesia (Jakarta). More international offices are in the pipeline as part of our growth plan.

As a dynamic team, we focus on the challenges and opportunities, striving to emphasize on quality and consistency of all our products and services, and we acertainly make great business associates.

GO Holdings - We hold together as a team and we “GO for the BEST!”

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