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We would like to introduce that we are Nghi Son Group ( Nghi Son Food Jsc & Nghi Son Aquatic Products Exim., Ltd ) . We are supplier and exporter frozen seafood and Agricutural from Viet Nam.
With more than 30 years experience and family tradition in seafood business we know how to manage and give best supply chain from catching raw material, transporting , freezing, packing to delivering finished products to customer not only have best quality also restrict the lowest cost.
Now, we are very proud that our product bring brand name “Nghi Son” have been represented on all supply chain market/wholesale stores in Vietnam.
After getting many success in domestic market. We develop and expand our business into international market. That is the reason for the birth of Nghi Son Aquatic Product Exim., Ltd
Nghi Son Aquatic Product Exim.,LTD is developed on back ground of Nghi Son Food Jsc with the noble mission bring our delicious food to every family on over the world.
We are delighted that Nghi Son is growing fast not only in Vietnam market but all over the world
Our criteria:
- Good price
- Good quality
- Good service
- Reputation
- Sustainable
- Durable
Our export market: Japan, Korea, Philipines,Malaysia, Spain, Thailand, Indian, Indo, Egypt, UAE,…
Thoroughly versed in the food regulations of destination countries, we can satisfy the order of the high-mix low-volume. Also, based on our experience, we are actively planning new business fields such as overseas investment, Joint-venture with foreign companies, and research of overseas expansion.

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  • Địa chỉ: Tòa nhà Waseco, Số 10 Phổ Quang, Phường 2, Quận Tân Bình
  • Quy mô: 50
  • Website: https://nghisonfoodsgroup.com/